"Smooth Hound Smith is a powerhouse duo."

Chicago Tribune

"...about as roadhouse-ready as it gets."
Greenville Journal

"Nashville Artist of The Year"
The Deli Magazine

"...for the best dance party in Nashville...you’ll definitely want to head over to Smooth Hound Smith‘s album release show."
No Country For New Nashville

"...interesting, inventive music based in blues and other roots forms makes (Smooth Hound Smith) stand out."
The Boston Globe

"...gorgeous harmonies...an encyclopedia of roots references...they conjured mystical modern mountain music."

"Really digging Smooth Hound Smith's album. Check it out."
Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks), via Twitter

"Smooth Hound Smith puts a stripped-down spin on folk, early rock and country blues."
The Cincinnati Enquirer

"The effervescent duo of Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle (a.k.a. Smooth Hound Smith)...make you realize where the (Civil) Wars could have gone with a little more guts and a smidge more booze. SHS will swirl through breezily sweet sunny afternoon folk, on their way to gritting it up with plank-banging junky and grimy blues rock."
The Sacramento Bee

"Smooth Hound specializes in a brand of harmony-singing, down-home pop that’s as burnished and outgoing as it is stripped-down."
The Nashville Scene

"Smooth Hound Smith sounds like what would happen if you boiled the best things about The Black Keys and Kings of Leon down to their essence, stripped out the over-production, added some impassioned female vocals and wrapped it all in a swaggering Country/Soul bow."

"In the case of Smooth Hound Smith, two is all that’s needed to brew a raucous clash of backwoods folk, raw blues, and underground rock."
No Depression

"...foot-stompin' soul..."
Bands Under The Radar

"The highly-recommended ten-track effort showcases Smooth Hound Smith’s take on modern-Americana, deftly jumping from dirt-floor blues to foot-stomping folk to 1950's rock n’ roll, ending up with a sound that could be best described as what would happen if Dan Auerbach and Alison Krauss made an album together."

"...blending rockabilly and blues and folk is a delicate thing and one that is hard to pull off. Yet, Smooth Hound Smith does just that...DAMN, THIS ALBUM IS FUCKING FAULTLESS."
Folk Hive

"...sounds like a mixture of a second-line New Orleans parade and a love-soaked funeral dirge..."
Our Vinyl

"...(they) manage the task of combining seamless elements of folk, blues, rockabilly, country and rock together in a minimalist, accessible and wonderful way."
A Little More Vodka

"Smooth Hound Smith delivered an electrifying performance and transformed the sleepy tavern style downtown LA bar...into a lively dance hall..."

"...(they have) a woozy edge that's closer to the best '90s/'00s lo-fi indie or classic psychedelia that punctuates the more straightforward and raucous blues material."  

"...(they) ably connect the roots of rock and soul to the more modern palette..."
Blah Blah Blah Science

"...swaying, stomping rhythms and beautiful harmonies...nothing but sweet grungy blues...What I love most about this record is that regardless of the style, every song sounds timeless and classic, like a forgotten hit from yesteryear."
Yorkton This Week